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PPP Fashion……

 We manage supply chains for major brands and retailers all over the world.
 We have a vast network of manufacturing units that have been technically and ethically audited in accordance with industry standards.
 We are specialized in outer wear, work wear, sportswear, and all types of woven & knit wear, swim wear, lingerie, Hunting and fishing wear.

 Our main strengths are commitment, sourcing & desired quality. Almost all the factories we are working with are GOLD, PLATINUM & LEAD CERTIFIED.

 We have Experienced and highly Technical Management to execute the product exactly as per the buyer requirements. Quality is our main strength that is why      We believe in the long-term relationship.
  We have the ability to meet the trend in all aspects of design, quality, and other developments that today’s fashion-conscious market desires.
  Our Objective is to see an increasing number of connections & cooperation between Bangladeshis and worldwide buyers and sellers through our platform.
  We are offering our services to business communities free of charge to grow their business. So, keep exploring us!
  A company can make things—but it takes a community to change things.
  We’ve made it our mission to ensure every member of our worldwide team feels seen, inspired, and empowered. Your PPP Fashion career is more than a job      it’s a source of passion and endless possibility. 


To deliver the quality products, as per the standards required by the customers. The basic Function is to source the facility/product, which fulfils the needs of the inquiry, sent by the buyer and to place the orders on behalf of the buyer to coordinate between the buyer and the manufacturer, at various stages of the production process, ensuring that the end product meets the basic standards required. We have already produce lot of designs for numerous brands in EC & USA. Our fashionable designs, styles and quality are highly valued by foreign customers.

Quality Assurance

PPP Fashion ensures the highest quality & compliance standards with expat textile professionals leading teams at every stage & process. PPP FASHION. vendor compliance manual can be obtained upon request. Not only will your product be built to exact specifications, it will function properly. It will not lo ok strange and it will not be defective or damaged. We will personally approve the products with a plethora of tools and standards so you never have to stress over quality issues.


Despite everything proceeding smoothly in Bangladesh, a late delivery might just derail your entire project. PPP Fashion .is dedicated to satisfying you, our client. Sometimes, that means taking care of EVERY detail. We understand how important deadlines are and will take the extra step to make sure deliveries are always on time by developing optimal packaging and monitoring shipments. You can rest easy knowing that your product rests in our capable hands.



CELL: +8801711983098

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